Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

We Provide Professional Eco-friendly Painting Services in London, Ontario

Did you know that?

Regular paints contains VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), these compounds release fumes which can cause from a headache and respiratory problems to cancer due to their carcinogenic chemicals.

That’s the reason why GreenTech Painting takes care of the interior and exterior spaces of your property, to make sure you spend most of your time in a healthier environment.

Painting the exterior of any home or buildings should be a responsibility, in order to take care of the environment, community and the society itself. That’s why we offer you green painting technology to make sure all your visions of a modern new look are committed to the environment.

Whether your project is small or large, we are committed to make your vision come to life. Unlike interior painting, it’s important to select the right paint that can withstand extreme weather and will adhere even during the harsher months, year after year.

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    Exterior Painting Services We offer

    At GreenTech Painting, we proudly offer outstanding exterior painting services for homeowners and business owners. Our experienced, professional team will work quickly and efficiently to transform your dream into a reality, boosting your home’s or building’s curb appeal and value in the process.

    Is there outdated or unattractive color on your walls? Do not let that to bother you enough to hate your entire house or building. You can personalize it to suit your own sense of art and cover your surroundings with your unique color taste.

    Whatever the color or designs your walls came with, is not what you’re stuck with. You have a wide variety of shades and tones to choose from or even we can help you match a specific color you want. As well, you have the best workmanship in town to accomplish your visions.

    We sure give the high-quality exterior painting services to make your home display your true self.

    This is an option that will not only respond to your immediate need of changing your atmosphere or future plans of selling the property, but also, you will be working with an entire eco-friendly company, and for instance, you’ll be improving the lifestyle of the people surrounding your property and the environment itself.
    That’s why we offer plenty of benefits apart from a modern new look to your space:

    • High-grade aesthetics
    • Boost home or any property value
    • Enhance curb appeal
    • Strong protection against the elements
    • Increased surface lifespan
    • Cost-effectiveness

    A new professional paint job will go a long way towards making your home feel clean and new again.

    Our Processes

    Quality painting requires more than a couple of coats of paint, GreenTech Painting follows specific processes to ensure long-lasting eco-friendly exterior and interior paints.

    We take pride in our work ethic and procedures. Here is a brief overview of the painting process we’ll follow over the course of your project:

    • Set Up: We always mark out the area for placing our staff in order to keep clean areas. (Floors and furniture are always protected).
    • Painting Preparation: We prepare carefully our paints. Is the actual key to a beautiful long lasting painting job. For your interior painting project, we will remove switch covers, fill cracks and holes in ceilings and walls. When painting your exterior, we will scrape off loose paint and scuff-sand glossy areas and caulk previously caulked gaps to prevent water intrusion. For decking purposes, we sandblast every single area until it comes off bare wood, and bring it to life again.
    • Painting/Staining: We prime repaired areas and start ceiling and/or walls, then we cut accurately and start roll painting, applying premium quality paint for a uniform finish.
    • Clean Up: We treat your home just like it is our own. With the utmost care and respect. Thorough cleaning in all the work areas.
    • Inspection:After our own inspection, we will invite you on a detailed walk-through of our work.

    As soon as you contact us by phone or email, we will set a free-consultant to meet your needs. You will receive the quote and if required, a document with a color advise proposal.

    GreenTech Painting, Painting Contractors, London, ON

    GreenTech Painting, Painting Contractors, London, ON

    You can definitely count on us doing a remarkable job for you!
    We offer free estimates for your convenience. We are always willing to listen to your needs and perform any task.

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