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As part of our philosophy, from quoting to disposing, we have a pledge with nature and it involves people, pets, and plants as an ecosystem.

Thanks to our protocols, we mitigate the impact of the painting industry in plants, ground and water sources.
We make it our mission to limit your stress, offering cost-effective eco-friendly painting services for all types of properties, from small houses to large centers, schools, offices, medical facilities, and more.

Our customers can live, work, study, and enjoy their activities in safe places. Additionally, we provide our clients with a commitment form to guarantee:

  • High job quality
  • On-time service
  • Clean project
  • Green practices
  • Eco-friendly paint certificate
  • Full documentation of insurance and safety
  • Daily communication and updates

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    Our History

    GreenTech Painting is a vanguard company with environmental and health commitments.

    We are a young immigrant couple and are both professionals in Biological Sciences.
    In Canada, we found an opportunity to rebuild our lives in a new field and specializing in professional painting. We decided to undertake professional training to become experts in this field and bring our scientific backgrounds into the business picture to offer our clients an alternative way to conduct business using the best green products available. GreenTech Painting first evolved as a company which had a clear eco-friendly philosophy and became immediately committed to using the ultimate technology in paints in order to offer exceptional service while maintaining a sustainable environment and giving the utmost priority to the environment.

    Juan Carlos Granados

    Founder & Head of Process

    Early in my life, I discovered my passion as a naturalist which led me to become a graduate in Agricultural Engineering and obtain a Master of Science in Biology. My academic training enabled me to work both, in sustainable agricultural projects and in tropical botany. I published three books and five papers in scientific journals which contain information about plant biology. I worked as a Research and Development Coordinator for the multinational pharmaceutical Nufarm in Colombia where I ran efficacy trials of pesticides use. I also did field inventories of approximately 600 agriculture projects for Banco Agrario. My experience in the field and the contact with nature revealed that the environment must be preserved and the commitment to the ecology can be applied to everything and everywhere. Thus, as newcomers in Canada, I decided to become a painter, but with an ecological awareness based on facts and decided to study every step and all materials used in the painting industry that potentially affect the health, from eye irritation to cancer. Most painters and clients are unaware of safety data sheet (SDS) and consequently, the environment is continuously being polluted. I, therefore, did some research and sought training as a painter, a contractor and a consultant at the Expressions Painting University in Canada.

    Yarinka Rojas

    Co-founder & Head of Projection and Innovation

    Since I got my Bachelor of science Science degree in Biology in 2005, I was deeply involved in the biotechnology of plants with breeding purposes through the application of disciplines such as Molecular Biology, Tissue cultureCulture, and Genetic Transformation. During my career, I worked as a Research Assistant at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Cenipalma Bogotá, and at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture-CIAT, where I worked as a Research Assistant and a Laboratory Coordinator at CIAT- Genetic Transformation Platform. During these years, I also developed numerous administrative skills, such as being the Investment Advisor for more than 500 agricultural projects in Colombia. I also was involved in, implementing and monitoring the compliance of Biosafety rules and Standard Operation Procedures, this experience enabled me to join the CIAT- Occupational Health Committee. The last work I did as a Biologist was in developing the Good Laboratory Practices Compliance Document for the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota, the U.S. in 2011.

    Life changed drastically in the last few years for our family, but at the same time, it gave us a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Thus, with my husband’s support, I got involved in the painting industry. After a few years of experience in this field, we decided to become professionals and we both studied at the Expressions Painting University. Nevertheless, we found there was something lacking, so, we decided to bring our Biological Sciences background knowledge redirecting the way this industry was is currently addressed and we proceeded to launch GreenTech Painting, a company that defines us and combines our strong commitment with nature’s balance and our desire to contribute to the synergy of scientific developments transfer and, at the same time, improving one of the most pollutant industries in the world today. We are excited about this new chapter of in our life and would like you to be part of our journey!

    GreenTech Painting, Painting Contractors, London, ON

    GreenTech Painting, Painting Contractors, London, ON

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